About Us
Intervalor Consulting Group, Inc., constituted by the association of the accredited firms Intervalor-Roux (1985) and Valuation Consulting Group (1992), is a company that employs a multidisciplinary team of experienced technicians in the field of engineering, real estate and financial area, capable of analyzing and evaluating any type of materials or intangible assets, as well as businesses and enterprises in operation.

To complement our valuation tasks, we also have extensive experience in conducting physical inventories and accounting reconciliations

Our partnership with the ArcaLaudis Holding Group, the major iquienes_somos_1nternational group of consulting in the area of valuations, enables us to provide a coordinated service across the world through our 73 offices located in 20 countries, employing over 1,200 professionals.

We are aware that the current situation requires the implementation of new business strategies in line with new technologies. Therefore, every day we go further in integrating highly qualified experts in order to distinguish ourselves and deserve our client's trust within our industry.

Many of the most important national and international companies are our customers, who rely on our expertise and global credibility.

Our work is based on strict confidentiality. Our company and its professional team is entirely independent since we are not linked to any financial or politicial group.

Our main aim is to help our clients make better decisions.

arcalaudisArcaLaudis is a global network of valuers and loss assessors, with headoffice in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

RICSOur firm's professionals and International Group are registered members of RICS