As it is widely known, the conversion process of the Spanish accounting standards to the international ones (IAS / IFRS) is an irreversible fact.

These rules allow the accounts of companies to be compared, independently of the country to which they belong.

The new General Accounting Plan in Spain, mandatory since 1st. January 2008, has a number of elements that are completely new which highlights the range of options to value fixed assets and financial assets and liabilities.

Until now, the value of the fixed assets referred to the purchase value but under the neNIC/NIIFw rules and requirements they have to be valued at Reasonable Value (Fair Value) that is set by an independent expert.

There have also been important changes in taxation, since the adoption of the Rules of Transfer Pricing and other policy changes.

Intervalor Consulting Group, Inc. provides advice to its customers as well as its expertise in asset valuation in any sector through its offices in Spain and its membership in the International Group ArcaLaudis.

How often have you thought of an expert to determine a reliable value, since the accounting has not given you a disirable security?

The solution is only achieved through the mediation of a "skilled, professional and reliable company" to carry out your inventory and valuation, using modern techniques and computer systems compatible with your company. Therefore, this is the only safe way to attribute an accurate and reliable reality of your fixed assets to your financial statements.


arcalaudisArcaLaudis is a global network of valuers and loss assessors, with headoffice in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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